What Goes Into a Building And Pest Inspection Report

Making building and pest inspection reports is a basic action that needs to be done before you settle into a new home or location. You would need to make sure that there are no issues in the building or even the presence of pests is checked, otherwise, you are in for a bad experience in the place that you paid for. The locale that you will settle in needs to be up to your needs and up to the building code of your municipality and you or your inspection company needs to have a thorough checklist that looks at all possible problems that may arise.

When doing a building and pest inspection, the first thing you need to have checked is outdoor if it is existent. Check the backfill, surface drainage, adjacent ditches and potholes, the yard, any sewer issues, parking area, fences, railings and even the general site maintenance. These are the typical spots that many residences and businesses tend to overlook as time goes by. Sewage issues are not something that you should compromise with.

The next inspection should be in the building’s architectural work – if it is up to code and if the foundation, slabs, roofs, windows, doors and ceiling are in excellent condition. This is where you can check for the presence of pests as their habitats consist of dark clammy places and the usual unchecked corners of the house. What follows next would be the interiors – the vents, the piping system, masonry, tiles, roof drainage and even the partitions. This is important especially in pest control because once you start cycling around ventilation and masonry, you will find areas such as termite nests, rat holes and infested parts of the place if there is any.

Moving on, you need to confirm the mechanical work of the location. This means a rudimentary inspection of faucets, sinks, water supply, floor drains, fixtures and toilets. These areas are the ones that are prone to extreme wear and tear, together with the electrical work, wirings, sockets, lighting, skylights, breaker panels, fuse boxes and the grounding. All of this is included in a building and pest inspection report and you would need a keen eye to make sure nothing is missed or compromised. Nobody wants to move into a new place only to find out that it is a dump. So make sure you get a reliable building and pest inspection services. You deserve only the best you can get for your hard-earned money.