6 Reminders Before a Machine Hire

If you have an upcoming big project, you wouldn’t want to be buying all the equipment that you will only use once. It’s important to know that you can contact machine hire Newcastle to be able to use power tools and equipment that will help make your work easier and simpler.

There are a few things that you would want to remember before you go ahead and walk to the rentals company.

  • What Machine Hires Offer

A wide range of options is available to people, depending on the type of service provider you have available. At the lowest level, you can rent power tools and hand tools like a hand saw, power drill and the like for hours or a day, together with lawn mowers and plumbing equipment.

At its biggest scale, some service providers rent heavy machinery like forklifts, payloaders and the like. These can be rented months on end, but there are extensive documentation requirements.

  • Call Long Beforehand

There are a lot of online companies that provide machine hire as long as you request a specific time and duration. You need to do reservations before you need them to make sure that they can be scheduled properly. Most typically, these businesses tend to do equipment deliveries themselves.

  • Paying Security Deposits

Many contracts require you to provide a security deposit that can be taken back if you incur no damage to their equipment. This can vary depending on the type and can be noted to be a small percentage of the total amount of your rental.

  • Special Add-Ons

Make sure that the entire contract’s pricing is clear. If you need extras like special attachments, you would need to pay extra to get them. In many cases, what you get is the default attachments with the additional charges to you if you require extra bits or blades.

A few companies will charge you for insurance fees to protect themselves from theft, damage or liabilities.

  • Maintenance Fees

If you have a long-term contract for your machine hire, especially for heavy machinery, there may be some additional charges for maintenance. A company employee will periodically come to your locale to take care of the maintenance and check if there are any problems that are starting to arise.

  • Permits and Regulations

You need to understand all the local laws and regulations, together with certifications when operating equipment, especially heavy machinery.