4 Ways Virtual Offices Will Benefit Your Startup Business

Are you looking to expand your start-up business? If you’re not sure how you can accomplish that without spending a lot of money, you’re not alone. One way to do that would be to avail of virtual offices as it will give you a corporate feel without being in a physical office. Here are 4 ways a virtual office can benefit your business:

1)    Professional Receptionist

When someone dials your phone number, a professional receptionist will be ready to take the call. The person is highly trained and will know what to answer any questions the caller may have. Once clients find out you have a receptionist answering your calls, they’ll look up to your business.

2)    Customised Voice Mail Boxes

It is possible that clients will call after office hours especially if they’re located in another time zone. Therefore, it would be a big benefit to have someone answer your calls after office hours. It doesn’t have to be a live person as a recorded message will do. You can customise the voice mail box to say whatever it is you want it to say.

3)    Local Number

You’ll get a local number so it would be easier for possible clients to contact you. It will be hard for them to reach you when there’s an area code attached to the number. You’ll also get several options to choose from so you’ll get a customised number you’ll like.

4)    Corporate Mailing Address

When the time comes that you need to apply for a loan, having a corporate mailing address will be a big help. There’s no doubt you’ll need funds for your staff and equipment. You can even get an address right in the centre of the business district.

Once you decide you’d like to make use of virtual offices, we suggest using a virtual premises from Burwood Central Serviced Offices. Their virtual service includes acceptance of delivered goods, an office address in the business district and a unique phone line. They would love nothing more than to talk to their clients too. Therefore, if you have questions about any of their services, feel free to contact them.

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