3 Types of Office Water Coolers

Office water coolers are a must in any workplace. They provide much-needed hydration to your employees. They’re a better alternative as opposed to vending machines. Sugary drinks are very unhealthy and can cause unstable energy levels. Providing fresh, clean and cool water is a healthier option.

If you’re looking for a unit for your workplace, there are three types to choose from:


Main-Fed is free-standing office water cooler that is plug in directly to a pipeline. They source the H2O through the pipes to provide a continuous supply. They have built-in water filtration systems that clean the liquid as it goes. Most units come with a hot-and-cold function.

Main-Fed varieties are ideal for those who want to save up on the costs of bottled H2O. Because there’s a constant supply of liquid, you’re cutting the wait time on deliveries as well. Another advantage is that you’ll save space on bulky bottles. Furthermore, some people find exposed bottles unsightly.


This variety is one of the most common types you’ll see in any workplace. The liquid is fed through disposable bottles, which you must order from a third-party vendor. Most will have a hot-and-cold function. Some even have built-in mini refrigerators at the bottom! This variety does not come with a filtration system, as most bottled liquids are mineralised or distilled.


Tabletop varieties function much like bottled units. They need bottles of liquid, as opposed to being fed a steady supply from a pipe. The only difference is that they’re smaller and more compact. To add to this, not all units will have a hot-and-cold function.


Fountains are heavy duty water coolers that can be used indoors and outdoors. They get their supply from a pipeline. Like the main-fed variety, they’re built with a filtration system. This makes the liquid safe for consumption. They’re an ideal choice for large businesses and those who want to cut down the use of disposable cups.

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