3 Tips in Caring for Plantation Shutters

When you invest in plantation shutters, you must see to it that you clean them on a regular basis. You wouldn’t want them to get old fast. Of course, you wouldn’t like buying a new one after using the previous one for only 2 years. If these things are properly taken care of, they’re expected to last decades. Here’s how you can care for them the right way:

  • Clean Regularly

It won’t take you long to clean the plantation shutters so you must do it regularly. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, you’re going to risk the health of the other people living in your home. You can use a feather duster to wipe away the dust particles or a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean it.

If you have no time to clean the items, you can hire a professional cleaning company. They’re equipped with the needed cleaning materials to make sure the items look new again.

  • Never Use Excess Force on the Louvres

If you’re having a hard time moving the louvres, you must never use excessive force to move it. The right way to fixing this problem would be to readjust the screws located on the side of the shutters. When you loosen them, you’ll have an easier time controlling the shutters.

  • Move Louvres Regularly

Just like any other item that hasn’t gotten used in a long time, the louvres will tighten up if you don’t move them. Why wouldn’t you move them? You can open them during the day to allow more light into your home and close them at night to have more privacy.

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